FuelBox LEADERSHIP (English version)
Use FuelBox LEADERSHIP to challenge, develop and strengthen your leadership.
175 questions that create sharing and learning with your management team to strengthen your personal leadership skills and the growth of your organisation.

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In which situations do you experience having to choose between short-term gain and the achievement of long-term goals?
What are your three best leadership skills?
From whom do you receive feedback and what is it usually about?
What tasks can you delegate to give others a boost?
What are you doing to strengthen the reputation of your organisation?
How do you prioritise your own tasks?
In what areas could you be more courageous in your leadership?
How do you deal with an employee who has made a mistake?
In what ways do team members motivate each other to perform better?
What can you do to make your job even more interesting?
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This is the box to develop and strengthen leadership.
FuelBox LEADERSHIP is designed to promote reflection and great conversations that challenge your personal leadership skills and leadership in an organisation. Share with and learn from each other in a management team to strengthen your personal leadership skills and to align management in your organisation.
FuelBox LEADERSHIP is developed together with organisational psychologist and leaders from the Norwegian industry who have quality assured the content.

You can't judge a leader by the answers she or he gives, but by the questions she or he asks

Categories in FuelBox LEADERSHIP

  • Personal leadership
  • Leading teams
  • Employee development
  • Strategic leadership
  • Visions, values and culture
  • Change management and innovation
  • Administrative management


We have developed a FuelGuide for you with some great tips and advice on how to get started.

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