Lye Elementary School

The students experience that we are interested in them and that they are being seen and heard. FuelBox teaches our kids to communicate through a tool teachers have available at all times in the classroom.
The digital developement makes us lose something that we have to take back! FuelBox really help us make it less dangerous to talk together face to face.

Sigrid Hinnaland Kjetland, Principal at Lye Elementary School

Skeiane Junior High School

A great tool for working with relationships in class and learning enviroment. Our students have really been enjoying these fuelbox sessions. This was a totally new class and I am convinced that the questions from the box are the reason for both the safe and fun vibe in our class room. 

Ann Sigrun Vignes, Teacher Skeiane Junior High School

Klepp Junior High School

FuelBox give great value to our classes. Practicing conversations face to face is directly transferable to other subjects. The students both reflect and  discuss more when they are not being measured. Here the process is the main goal!

Teachers at our school experience using FuelBox as a concrete activity that contributes directly to the work they already do. Especially in building a safe and good class environment. We see that these young people become more interested in each other when they learn more about ech other.

Siri Agnethe Midtun, Teacher at Klepp Junior High School

St.Svithun High School

Every time we try to implement something new at our school, the teachers will let us know right away if it does not work or they do not see the point of it all. In the case of FuelBox, there has so far only been positive feedback about the box being a useful tool.

Anne Kathrine Higdem, Manager at St.Svithun High School

Maurtuå Kindergarten

We have very good experience with the LEADERSHIP version of fuelbox. In our management team, I find that it creates good reflections on our leadership in Maurtuå, on personal leadership skills and on how we can develope. It creates great conversations about our vision and our values, and enables us to put into words the silent knowledge in our team. I really recommend using fuelbox as a meeting starter. There is no doubt that “big” conversations are created from a small card.

Marianne Byberg, Manager

Småfolk Kindergarten

Småfolk Kindergarten in Etne is an experienced user of FuelBox KINDERGARTEN TEAM. We love this box and it has kicked off very effective processes and sparked some great reflections and inspiration in our team. I have used it in different meetings and found that many of us have chosen to share personal things with our collegaues. And also difficult things. That way, we have become even more connected to each other as a team in Småfolk.

Anette Lauareid Hovda, Manager

Time County

Since we started to use FuelBox NEW CITIZENS in our Language Cafe the endless conversations about the weather finally came to an end! This box contains questions that everyone can relate to no matter what their backgound is. It fasilitates very interesting conversations about culture, values, personal goals and relationships. The questions are really helpful for our volunteers. With a box on the table we experience more initiative, more engagegment and more relevant and important conversations. 
Its just great!

Ingve Lende, Counsler Time County

Red Cross 
Haugesund, Norway

The question from FuelBox NEW CITIZENS about what the strangest thing norwegians do really engage the goup! They find it odd that we go for walks and hikings in all kinds of weather. That we have free umbrellas for rent in our stores is so weird to them! The question about describing your self in three words gave made everyone share in a great way. 
Look forward to use this tool more in the future! 

Kate Elin Ø. Haugen Red Cross Haugesund